What’s Love Got to Do with It

The music-savvy amongst you may have noticed that the title to this latest article is inspired by the late great Tina Turner. What a voice. What a life. Simply irreplaceable. A true legend.

So, what has love got to do with it…when it comes to wine that is? Well, a lot. Wine can be very emotive. It can transport you to a time or place. It can invoke memories. It can bring you closer to a part of the world you have visited or have lived. So, as we hit the summer season, you may be on your travels to other parts of the world and in the process of creating special moments. Whilst away you may indulge in the culture of a place, immerse yourself into the beauty of your surroundings, or you may sample and enjoy the local cuisine. Whatever you’re doing, wine may be a part of that experience and hopefully you will find one that encapsulates the enjoyable time you are having.

This was certainly the case when I was on a recent visit to see our Port supplier in the Douro Valley, Portugal. To be able to see where the vines are grown; to touch the soil that gives life to the plants; to meet the people whose life is dedicated to our wines; and to see first-hand the landscape where it all comes from- this all creates a real connection to the product. When you’ve experienced this…what’s not to love? I open a bottle of their Port now, and yep, in my mind I’m back in Portugal!

So, whether you are visiting a winery, enjoying a bottle over an enjoyable meal, or sitting back and overlooking a nice beach with something chilled this summer, remember that all is not lost when you come home. Places such as G&G have wines that can take you back to that special moment. Whether it’s a Spanish red, a Greek white, or a French rose, we’d like to think that those 750ml of loveliness that sit on our shelves can help recreate a particular enjoyable moment in time or a place that you have loved.

Pop in and see us and we’ll do our best to help take you back.

Perfect summer tipples at G&G:

  • Royal Oporto Medium Dry Port (£17.50). One part Port, two parts tonic. Crushed mint leaves and lemon peel over ice. Wow! A thirst quencher if ever there was one.
  • Chandon Orange Spritz from Argentina (£24.00) is a summer fizz that is perfect for a sunny day in the garden. Bright orange citrus, soft bubbles, and beautiful fresh acidity makes it absolutely perfect for those long summer evenings. Trust me, this is special.
  • Adaras Lluvia Blanco Organic (£11.00) is a Sauv Blanc/Verdejo blend. From southeast Spain, the Sauv Blanc adds freshness; the Verdejo softness. The result is a refreshing fruity wine that is perfect for light salads, fish dishes, or to drink on its own.
  • As for red wine, go for something light. Solera Natural Red (£12.00) from Romania is light in style, light in alcohol, and light in sulphites. Bright red fruit and a delicate floral flavour. Perfect slightly chilled.

All available at Grape and Grain now!