G&G on Tour: Planes, Trains, and replacement bus services

Finally! We seem to be freeing ourselves of the shackles of a long winter! Brighter days are ahead- literally.

The first few months of the year are always a bit quiet in our industry. However, rather than twiddling our thumbs and dusting the shelves for the fifteen time, at G&G it is always a chance for myself, Bryce, and Paddy to get out there and explore ways in which we can improve our range.

We have been putting in the miles visiting trade shows, meeting suppliers and producers, and yep, tasting a lot of wine (and before you ask, we spit it out! Well…most of them anyway). Believe it or not, it is hard work! No one believes me when I say that, and you do end up knackered at the end of the day. So how does one relax after a day of tasting wines…well, by having a beer of course!   

To be honest, we’ve all had “proper jobs” that were stressful and demanding. Because of that, we know how lucky we are and appreciate what we do. We don’t do it for the money, because there’s no money in this game. We do it because we have a passion for wine, a desire to learn more, and truly believe in the products we sell. All we want to do is share that with you all and give you the enjoyment we get from these bottles full of loveliness. We like to think that is what separates us from the rest.

So, what has stood out for us on our travels? Well, South Africa excites and we can’t wait to introduce to you some of the wines we discovered from there. Reyneke Cornerstone (£21.75) represents everything that is good with South Africa at the moment. Organically produced, this wine is full, fruity, and floral, with a touch of tobacco. All working well together and beautifully balanced.  Portugal is just incredible and is hugely underrepresented in the supermarkets- that’s where we step in. New to Portuguese wine? Look no further than the Rola range we have in stock from Douro. The Rola Red (£16.25) is a great example of the indigenous grape variety Touriga Nacional. Soft, fruity, and incredibly approachable. Also, New Zealand has a lot more to offer than Sauv Blanc…even though the Sauv Blanc is pretty good. The Te Mata Estate Chardonnay (£20.00) is simply sunshine in a bottle. Tropical in style, with just the faintest touch of oak in the background. If you’ve turned your back on Chardonnay, give this one a go!

Big changes are ahead for our range, but we will always make sure that we keep it interesting for you guys. We look forward to sharing with you the new arrivals in the weeks and months ahead! Keep an eye out on our website and social media channels for the latest news and some exclusive tasting events we have in store for the rest of the year…